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Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Melissa Aubin, Clerk of Court

Submission Requirements for Electronic Trial Exhibits

In order to ensure that the Court, jury, and other parties have access to electronically submitted exhibits, the following requirements apply to their submission.

  1. Electronic exhibits are to be submitted only in these formats:
    Exhibit TypesAllowable File Types
    Documents .pdf
    Images .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf
    Video and Audio Recordings .avi, .mpg, .mp3, .mp4

    In addition, exhibit files are not to be encoded with any proprietary software, and must be readable by computers running Microsoft Windows software without the need to install any additional proprietary tools.

  2. File sizes are not to exceed 500MB. Exhibits exceeding this size limit must be separated into smaller files. Images may be reduced in size by reducing their dimensions, usually with minimal effect to viewing quality.
  3. PDF file types are to be in PDF/A format and should be reduced in size using tools and features like Adobe Acrobat's "Reduce File Size." (Information about PDF/A is available here).
  4. PDF files must also be optimized for fast web view. (Visit the Adobe website at adobe.com on the Support & Learning page for instructions on optimizing PDF files for fast web view.)
  5. Documents and images must be properly oriented for viewing.

Submission of noncompliant exhibits violates Local Rule 5-6(b). If the Court determines that a submitted exhibit does not meet the above requirements, the Court will request that it be resubmitted in a format that complies with the above requirements.