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Friday, November 27, 2020

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Mary L. Moran, Clerk of Court

United States Magistrate Judge Mustafa T. Kasubhai (He/Him)

Mailing Address

Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse
Room 5400
405 East Eighth Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Contact Information

  • Chambers: 541-431-4120
  • Courtroom Deputy: 541-431-4119
  • Proposed Document Submissions The e-mail address at this link is available for the receipt of submitted jury instructions and proposed forms of orders per LR 5 only and may not be used to submit filings. Unauthorized correspondence will be deleted.

Courtroom Rules

  • The parties and counsel are encouraged to advise the Court of their pronouns. People appearing before this Court may do so in writing and when appearing for conferences, hearings or trials. Attorneys are encouraged to identify their pronouns in their signature lines when submitting documents for filing. All parties and counsel are instructed to address each other in all written documents and court proceedings by those pronouns previously identified.
  • Mobile devices must be turned off before entering the courtroom.
  • Please provide advance notice when you require teleconferencing, intend to utilize the courtroom's video displays, or have other presentation technology questions.
  • Attorneys and parties should conduct themselves with decorum and manners. This is primarily for your own benefit: jurors, courtroom staff, and public observers consistently state that they prefer a civil and collegial relationship between opposing parties and counsel.

Résumé - Judge Kasubhai