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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Hon. Michael McShane, Chief Judge

Melissa Aubin, Clerk of Court

Paying Filing Fees

The next screen presents five questions to determine the status of any filing fees for a complaint or notice of removal. pay.gov process1
These selections indicate exemption or waiver of the filing fee and will allow you to proceed without payment of fees through Pay.gov. If you select either of these options, please proceed to the Party this Filing is Against section below. pay.gov process2
This selection initiates the online payment process through PACER and Pay.gov. pay.gov process3
The next screen verifies the filing fee. Click Next to be redirect to PACER for payment. If prompted, log in with valid PACER credentials. image199
If you have a saved a default filing fees payment method in PACER, that payment method will be selected by default. To use a different payment method, click Enter a Credit Card and complete the required fields. image201
If you do not have a default filing fees payment method specified in PACER, enter the payment information and click Next. image204

The next screen is the payment confirmation screen. If you need to modify any  information, click Back.

Otherwise, enter any additional e-mail addresses that should receive a copy of the receipt, check the box to authorize payment, and click Submit.

IMPORTANT! Although the fee has now been paid, the filing has not been perfected in CM/ECF, so do not close the tab or window.

You will immediately be redirected back to CM/ECF to complete the transaction.