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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Hon. Michael McShane, Chief Judge

Melissa Aubin, Clerk of Court

The Court's Case Numbering System

Thousands of cases are filed each year in the District of Oregon, and CM/ECF assigns a unique case number to each case when it is opened. The full case number (seen on the case assignment form you receive from the Court) will be formatted as follows:

  • Division Code: For statistics tracking and case management purposes, each case number includes a division code, which is the number before the colon. See LR 3-2 for a list of the division codes and their corresponding counties.
  • Year Initiated: The number after the division code represents the year in which the case was initiated.
  • Case Type: The two-letter code after the hyphen refers to case type. There are several case types, but most filers will see CV for a civil action or CR for a criminal case.
  • Case Number: The next number is simply the next available number, starting at 1 and counting up as far as required in a given year.
  • Assigned Judge Initials: In cases where a judge has been assigned, a two-letter code representing the assigned judge is appended to the end of the case number. See Appendix J. The assigned judge code should be included in the caption of any pleading filed in the case. When calling the Clerk's Office about an active case, it is essential to give the complete case number, including the judge initials.