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Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Hon. Michael McShane, Chief Judge

Melissa Aubin, Clerk of Court


After logging into CM/ECF, registered users will be able to use the main menu to file documents or perform other tasks.

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The filing events are organized by category:

Menu Item

Types of Events


Civil case filings, such as motions, notices, service documents, responses, replies, and answers.


Criminal case filings, such as plea-related documents, motions, responses, replies, appeal documents, notices, and trial documents.


Run name searches, create docket activity reports, look up case numbers, etc.


Access the written opinions report, run civil and/or criminal case reports, calendar event reports, docket sheet reports, etc.


View Court information, link a PACER account to a CM/ECF account, review billing history, etc.


Search for events.

Civil Events

The menus of events under the Civil selection include: Open a Civil Case, Initial Pleadings and Service, Motions and Related Filings, Other Filings, and Attorney Admissions.

Criminal Events

The menus of events under the Criminal selection include: Charging Instruments and Pleas, Motions and Related Filings, and Other Filings. Selection of the links under those headings reveals the individual docket events.

To electronically file a Trial Memorandum in a civil case, for example, you would first select Civil from the main menu and click on the Trial Documents menu under Other Filings. The event Trial Memorandum appears under the Trial Documents menu.

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