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Friday, August 19, 2022

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Melissa Aubin, Clerk of Court


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Thursday, August 25, 2022
Time Judge Location Case Number and Name
8:00 AM Judge Simon Courtroom 15B [3:20-cr-00332-SI] USA V. CARUBIS, EDWARD WILLIAM (Def # 1) (Change of Plea Hearing)
9:00 AM Judge Aiken Video [1:11-cr-30037-AA] Reentry Court (Reentry Court Hearing)
11:00 AM Judge Immergut Telephone [3:22-cv-00343-IM] Equine Legal Solutions, PC v. Law Insider, Inc. et al (Rule 16 Conference)
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Video [3:21-cr-00020-HZ] USA V. TANG, HEANG SIV (Def # 1) (Arraignment)
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Video [3:22-cr-00045-SI] USA V. BARRIENTOS, JAQUELINE PAOLA RODRIGUEZ (Def # 11) (Detention Hearing)
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Video [3:22-mj-00148] USA V. PRADO, LEONARDO VERNAL (Def # 1) (Preliminary Examination)
2:00 PM Judge Immergut Video [3:20-cv-01927-IM] WaterWatch of Oregon et al v. Winchester Water Control District (Oral Argument)