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Friday, November 27, 2020

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Hon. Marco A. Hernández, Chief Judge

Mary L. Moran, Clerk of Court


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Monday, November 30, 2020
Time Judge Location Case Number and Name
9:00 AM Judge Immergut Video 3:17-cr-333-IM (1) - USA Vs. BLACKWOLF, JAY ELLERY [Revocation Probation-Final Hrg]
9:00 AM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:15-cr-301-AA (1) - USA V. SMITH, CHRISTOPHER ALAN [Status Conference]
9:30 AM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:11-cr-60103-AA (1) - USA V. KEENEY, BRENT [Status Conference]
10:00 AM Judge Clarke Telephone 1:19-cv-1819-CL - Mattos v. Walmart Inc. [Scheduling Conference]
10:00 AM Judge Immergut Video 3:06-cr-478-IM (1) - USA Vs. ROSS, CHARLES [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
10:00 AM Judge Acosta Telephone 3:19-cv-447-AC - Ohio Casualty Insurance Company v. Chris Dials Contracting LLC [Status Conference]
10:00 AM Judge Immergut Video 3:20-cr-299-IM (1) - USA Vs. ROSS, JR., CHARLES [Sentencing]
10:00 AM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:16-cr-457-AA (1) - USA V. YOUNAN, MARTIN HENRY [Status Conference]
10:30 AM Judge Mosman Video 3:20-cr-28-MO (1) - USA V. CHILES, GINA R. [Sentencing]
10:30 AM Judge Acosta Telephone 3:20-cv-74-AC - Pitts v. G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. et al [Status Conference]
11:00 AM Judge Immergut Video 3:17-cr-123-IM (1) - USA V. HERNANDEZ, ANGEL CARBAJAL [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
11:00 AM Judge Mosman Video 3:19-cr-337-MO (1) - USA Vs. GAYLOR, JESSICA ANN [Change of Plea Hearing]
11:00 AM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:01-cr-60006-AA (1) - USA Vs. O'CONNOR, MICHAEL KENNETH [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
11:30 AM Judge Mosman Video 3:19-cr-458-MO (1) - USA V. JACKSON, JOHNL [Status Conference]
12:00 PM Judge Russo Telephone 3:19-cv-1891-JR - Mason v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company S.I. [Status Conference]
12:30 PM Judge Simon Telephone 3:98-cr-576-SI (1) - USA V. MYATT, MICHAEL L. [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Clarke Video 1:20-cr-2-AA (1) - USA Vs. BADGER, JOHN EDWIN [Detention Hearing]
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Video 3:17-cr-75-JO (4) - USA Vs. CRUZ, RICARDO ANGUIANO [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Mosman Telephone 3:18-cr-343-MO (1) - USA V. LUFFMAN, NATHANIAL BLAINE [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge You Telephone 3:19-cv-1695-YY - Merritt v. Cascade Corporation [Oral Argument]
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Video 3:20-cr-148-JO (7) - USA V. FRANKEN, RICHARD WILLIAM [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Simon Telephone 3:20-cr-228-SI (1) - USA V. JESENIK, ROBERT J. [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Simon Telephone 3:20-cr-228-SI (2) - USA V. GILLIS, N. SCOTT [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Simon Telephone 3:20-cr-228-SI (3) - USA V. MACRITCHIE, ANDREW N. [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Simon Telephone 3:20-cr-228-SI (4) - USA V. RICE, BRIAN K. [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Video 3:20-cr-373-SI (3) - USA Vs. GARCIA, HECTOR A. [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Beckerman Video 3:20-cr-454-BR (1) - USA Vs. JENKINS, LATANYA [Status Conference]
2:00 PM Judge Immergut Telephone 3:20-cv-1580-IM - Gibson et al v. Schmidt et al [Status Conference]
2:00 PM Judge Hernandez Video 3:20-cv-1980-HZ - Fratila v. Foltean [Show Cause Hearing]
2:00 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:17-cv-119-AA - AMC, LLC v. Northwest Farm Food Cooperative et al [Status Conference]
2:30 PM Judge Simon Telephone 3:19-cr-436-SI (32) - USA V. MCCORD, TERINA [Sentencing]
3:00 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:18-cr-94-AA (1) - USA V. WHITLING, KURT LEE [Status Conference]
3:30 PM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:18-cr-354-AA (1) - USA V. BOULEY, DAVID [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]