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Monday, September 30, 2019
Time Judge Location Case Number and Name
9:00 AM Judge Aiken Telephone 6:16-cv-328-AA - USA v. Case, et al [Status Conference]
9:30 AM Judge Acosta Telephone 3:18-cv-1657-AC - Zielke v. The Specialists Inc et al [Scheduling Conference]
10:00 AM Judge Hernandez Courtroom 15A 3:18-cv-1762-HZ - United States Fire Insurance Company v. Mother Earth School et al [Oral Argument]
10:00 AM Judge Russo Courtroom 10B 3:18-cv-401-JR - Retherford v. Portland Public Schools et al [Oral Argument]
10:00 AM Judge Hernandez Courtroom 15A 3:18-cv-973-HZ - Harkins v. Zeeba OR LLC et al [Pretrial Conference]
10:00 AM Judge Coffin Chambers 6:18-cv-1708-AA - Ross v. State of Oregon [Settlement Conference]
10:00 AM Judge McShane Telephone 6:19-cv-729-MC - Spencer v. Lopez et al [Rule 16 Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Hernandez Courtroom 15A 3:18-cv-800-HZ - Crockett v. City of Gresham [Pretrial Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Acosta Courtroom 11B 3:19-cr-402-SI (1) - USA V. RENNIE, THOMAS A. [Initial Appearance]
1:30 PM Judge Russo Telephone 3:19-cv-661-JR - Johnson v. TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions, Inc. et al [Rule 16 Conference]
1:30 PM Judge McShane Courtroom 2 6:19-cr-221-MC (1) - USA V. VERMILLION, STEVIE J. [Change of Plea Hearing]
1:30 PM Judge Acosta 11B Magistrate Calendar
2:00 PM Judge McShane Courtroom 2 6:19-cr-294-MC (1) - USA V. VANDERPLOEG, BRANDON MICHAEL [Change of Plea Hearing]
2:30 PM Judge McShane Courtroom 2 6:17-cr-274-MC (2) - USA Vs. PUCKETT, JASON JAMES [Sentencing]
3:00 PM Judge Immergut Courtroom 13A 3:18-cr-324-IM (1) - USA Vs. GARCIA-CERVANTES, PEDRO [Oral Argument]