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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Time Judge Location Case Number and Name
9:00 AM Judge McShane Courtroom 2 1:15-cv-407-MC - Pacific Botanicals, Inc. v. Roger Sego et al [Trial - Jury]
9:00 AM Judge Aiken Courtroom 1 3:15-cr-124-AA (1) - USA Vs. FENTON, TERRY WAYNE [Status Conference]
9:00 AM Judge Brown Courtroom 14A 3:17-cr-371-BR (1) - USA Vs. GOLDMAN, NOAH JAY [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
9:00 AM Judge You Telephone 3:17-cv-792-YY - Simson v. National Express, LLC (NEELC) et al [Status Conference]
10:00 AM Judge Brown Courtroom 14A 3:09-cr-86-BR (1) - USA Vs. GOLDMAN, NOAH JAY [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
10:00 AM Judge Jones Courtroom 10A 3:17-cr-229-JO (1) - USA Vs. ESTRADA-HERRERA, MIGUEL [Sentencing]
10:00 AM Judge You Telephone 3:17-cv-1111-YY - Kelly v. Standard Insurance Company [Status Conference]
10:00 AM Judge Papak Courtroom 10B 3:17-cv-245-PK - Bergman v. UNUM Life Insurance Company of America [Oral Argument]
10:00 AM Judge Coffin Chambers 6:14-cv-724-AA - Sanchez v. Marion County et al [Settlement Conference]
10:30 AM Judge Brown Courtroom 14A 3:15-cr-424-BR (1) - USA Vs. EGELAND, SHANNON DEAN [Sentencing]
10:30 AM Judge Jones Courtroom 10A 3:17-cr-265-JO (1) - USA Vs. TERAN-QUINTERO, GONZALO [Sentencing]
10:30 AM Judge You Telephone 3:17-cv-1309-YY - Stanton et al v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company [Status Conference]
10:30 AM Judge Jones Courtroom 10A 6:13-cr-280-JO (1) - USA Vs. TERAN-QUINTERO, GONZALO [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
11:00 AM Judge Mosman Courtroom 16 3:16-cr-494-MO (1) - USA Vs. MCLAUGHLIN, JACOB THOMAS [Revocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg]
11:00 AM Judge Jones Courtroom 10A 3:17-cr-118-JO (1) - USA Vs. LOPEZ-GOMEZ, MATEO [Change of Plea Hearing]
11:00 AM Judge Russo Courtroom 3 6:17-cr-455-AA (1) - USA Vs. SALES, RICHARD MACADANGDANG [Detention Hearing]
11:45 AM Judge Mosman Courtroom 16 3:16-cr-184-MO (1) - USA Vs. POLK, ROBERT LEE [Sentencing]
1:00 PM Judge McShane Telephone 2:16-cv-683-MC - Ishmael v. Bell et al [Status Conference]
1:00 PM Judge Hernandez Courtroom 14B 3:18-cv-153-AC - Ferry v. Doohan et al [Oral Argument]
1:30 PM Judge Russo Courtroom 3 6:16-cr-153-MC (1) - USA Vs. SCULLY, ERIC L. [Status Conference]
1:30 PM Judge Papak Courtroom 10B Magistrate Calendar
2:00 PM Judge You Courtroom 12B 3:17-cv-862-YY - Pierce v. Hilton Management, LLC et al [Oral Argument]
3:00 PM Judge Brown Telephone 3:17-cv-1875-BR - Martinez et al v. Ditech Financial, LLC [Rule 16 Conference]


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