LR 29 - Stipulations About Discovery Procedure

(See Fed. R. Civ. P. 29)

LR 29-1 Non-Permissible Stipulations

Unless the Court orders otherwise, the parties alone may not stipulate to extend any:

  1. Deadline established by the case scheduling order;
  2. Filing deadline established by the Court, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, or these local rules;
  3. Court-scheduled conference;
  4. Proposed pretrial order filing date; or
  5. Trial date.

Amendment History to LR 29
June 1, 2006
LR 29.1(b) New rule with subsequent sections relettered.
LR 29.1(c) The words "telephone" and "date" stricken.
LR 29.2 Deleted.
March 1, 2012
LR 29-1 Semicolons added for format consistency.
LR 29-1(d) The phrase "Pretrial order lodging date" has been changed to "Proposed pretrial order filing date."
March 1, 2014
LR 29 Rule title amended to match the federal rule and sentence modified to clarify the scope of the rule.