LR 45 - Subpoena

LR 45-1 Subpoena-Related Motions Where This Court Is Not the Issuing Court

(a) Caption Requirements and Movants

If a motion to quash, modify, or enforce a subpoena pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 45 is filed in the District of Oregon, and this Court is not the issuing court of the subpoena, the filer may name and identify the parties the same as they are named and identified in the issuing court.  If the filer is not a party to the action in the issuing court, the filer may be identified as the "movant."

(b) Attorneys

For purposes of litigating motions filed under LR 45-1(a), an out-of-state attorney not admitted to the bar of this court may apply to be specially admitted pro hac vice pursuant to LR 83-3 and for waiver of the requirement of associating local counsel as required by LR 83-3(a)(1).

Amendment History to LR 45
May 1, 2015
LR 45-1 New rule to clarify procedure on the filing of such motions.