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Section 9 - Answers to Complaints

Answers to Complaints

(See Appendix A)

This menu is used to post only the first answer by a defendant to the complaint and will allow the user to add attorneys. The user will see the following warning message when attempting to file subsequent answers by the same defendant to the same complaint:

An answer for this party was previously filed. If this submission is an amended / subsequent answer for this party, select the appropriate event under Initial Pleadings and Service / Other Answers.

(a) Case, Party Filer, and Link Party Filer Screens 

This sequencing of screens is unique to Answers to Complaints wherein the user will not see a drop down list for types of answers to complaints. The answer to complaint types are dependent upon the type of complaint filed. Select the case number, attorney, party filer and link party filer.

(b) Unanswered Complaint Screen

Check the box next to each unanswered complaint being answered by this filing. The next screen will be the .pdf file upload screen.

(c) Additional Effects Screen

This screen will collect information about any third party complaints. Checking this box will invoke additional screens to add the third party defendant(s). The user must select the party it is filing against.

(d) Jury Demand

Users will be reminded to update jury demand information.

(e) Final Posting Screens 

Other Answers

(See Appendix A.)

This menu contains the events for Answers and Responses to non-motion events. A user must select from this menu for subsequent answers by the same defendant to a complaint.