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Appendix B - Criminal Event List

Charging Instruments and Pleas

Indictment, Information, Complaint

Complaint (Sealed)
Defendant Information Relative to a Criminal Case Sheet (Backer)
Indictment (Sealed)
Indictment Unredacted
Information - ALL Misdemeanor
Information - ALL Misdemeanor (Sealed)
Information - Felony
Information - Felony (Sealed)
Superseding Complaint (Sealed)
Superseding Indictment (Sealed)
Superseding Information - ALL Misdemeanor (Sealed)
Superseding Information - Felony (Sealed)

Plea-Related Documents

Consent to Rule 11 Plea in a Felony Case before U.S. Magistrate
Plea Agreement
Plea Petition

Motions and Related Filings

Motions (See Appendix C)

Responses Replies & Other Supporting Documents

0ex1 - Ex Parte Docket Entry & Document ONLY use with other selection
0ex2 - Ex Parte Document ONLY use with other selection
Memorandum in Opposition
Memorandum in Support
Reply to Motion
Response to Motion

Other Filings

Transfer Documents

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Record
Commitment to Another District
Documents Received From Other Court
Order of Removal to Demanding District
Probation Transfer Record Received
Record Transmittal Letter by Clerk
Removal from State Court
Rule 20 - Return
Rule 20 - Transfer In
Rule 20 - Transfer Out
Rule 20/21 Return Out
Rule 21 - Return
Rule 21 - Transfer In
Rule 21 - Transfer Out
Transfer of Jurisdiction In - Probation
Transfer of Jurisdiction In - Supervised Release
Transfer of Jurisdiction Out - Probation
Transfer of Jurisdiction Out - Supervised Release

Detention Documents

Appearance Bond of Witness
Arrest - Other District
Arrest - Out of District Warrant
Arrest of Material Witness

Discovery Documents

Bill of Particulars
Request for Discovery
Request for Notice of Government's Evidence


Interstate Agreement on Detainers
Minimum Time to Trial
Preliminary Examination or Hearing
Presence at Arraignment
Presentence Investigation Report
Speedy Trial
Trial by Jury

Service of Process Documents

Application and Affidavit for Search Warrant
Arrest Warrant Issued
Arrest Warrant Returned Executed
Arrest Warrant Returned Unexecuted
Certificate of Service
Clerk's Notice of Mailing
Judgment or Order Returned Executed
Marshal Service Form 285
Process Receipt and Return (Treasury)
Proof of Publication
Search Warrant Issued
Search Warrant Returned Executed - No Seizure
Search Warrant Returned Executed - Seizure
Search Warrant Returned Unexecuted
Summons Issued
Summons Returned Executed
Summons Returned Unexecuted
Violation Summons Issued
Violation Summons Returned Executed
Violation Summons Returned Unexecuted
Violation Warrant Issued
Violation Warrant Returned Executed
Violation Warrant Returned Unexecuted
Writ of Execution Issued
Writ of Execution Returned
Writ of Garnishment Issued
Writ of Garnishment Returned
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Prosequendum Executed
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Prosequendum Issued
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Prosequendum Unexecuted
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Testificandum Executed
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Testificandum Issued
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Testificandum Unexecuted


Alibi Witness
Application for Writ of Execution
Application for Writ of Garnishment
Attorney Appearance - Defendant
Attorney Appearance - USA
Change of Address
Enhancement of Penalty
Insanity Defense
Letter (Generic)
Notice of (Generic)
Notice of Intent to Redact Transcript
Notice of Levy – USM
Source of Funds Paid to Court
Statement of Redaction of Transcript FRCP 49.1
Stipulation (Generic)
Substitution of Defense Attorney
Substitution of Government Attorney
Withdrawal of Alibi
Withdrawal of Defense Attorney
Withdrawal of Government Attorney
Withdrawal of Insanity Defense
Withdrawal of Notice to Redact Transcript

Trial Documents

Clerk's List of Witnesses & Exhibits
Exhibit List
Jury Instructions
Jury Notes
Jury Notes Unredacted
Jury Verdict
Jury Verdict Unredacted
Jury Verdict on Forfeiture
Jury Verdict on Forfeiture Unredacted
Objection to Trial Exhibit
Proposed Jury Instructions
Proposed Jury Verdict
Proposed Voir Dire
Request for Special Findings of Fact
Special Findings of Fact
Stipulation to Jury
Trial Brief
Voir Dire Questions
Witness List

Appeal Documents

Appeal Record Returned
Appeal Record Sent to USCA
Certificate of Record by Clerk to USCA
Decision on Interlocutory Appeal from USCA
Fee Paid
Judgment by District Judge re: Appeal of Magistrate Judge Decision
Mandate of USCA
Notice of Appeal
Notice of Appeal - Interlocutory
Notice of Appeal - Magistrate Judge Decision to District Judge
Notification of Appeal Sent to USCA
Order for Time Schedule
Order of Dismissal of Appeal by USCA
Order of USCA
Supplemental Appeal Record Sent to USCA
Transcript Designation and Order Form
Transcript of Proceedings
Transcript of Proceedings – UNDER SEAL
USCA Case Number
USCA Memorandum/Opinion
Writ of Certiorari Issued - Supreme Court

Other Documents

Amicus Curiae Appearance
Answer to Writ of Garnishment
Appearance Through Counsel
Debtor Response to Clerks Notice of Garnishment
Financial Affidavit - CJA23
Information to Establish Prior Conviction
Objection to Findings and Recommendations
Objection to Presentence Investigation Report
Objections (Generic)
Pretrial Memorandum
Proposed Order
Proposed Order (Debtor Exam)
Proposed Order (Show Cause Hrg)
Redaction Index
Request for Refund of Fees Paid Electronically
Response (Generic)
Response to Order to Show Cause
Sealed Document
Sentencing Memorandum
Settlement Agreement
Status Report
Transcript Designation and Order Form
Transcript of Proceedings
Transcript of Proceedings - REDACTED
Transcript of Proceedings - UNDER SEAL



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