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Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF)

The Notice of Electronic Filing appears at the end of each docket event, and is sent via e-mail to registered users who are configured to receive such notices. The NEF is displayed in a standard format, with the following information included: Case Title, Case Number, Filer(s), Document Number, Docket Text, Notice has been electronically mailed to (a partial list of e-mail recipients), Notice has been delivered by other means to (a list of recipients who cannot be notified via e-mail), Document Description, Original Filename, and Electronic Document Stamp.


NEF Details:

The date and time of the filing are documented in the NEF.  The time is recorded as Pacific time (PDT) based on the location of the CM/ECF system. image346
The case name and number, the filing party, the document number assigned to the entry, and the judge assigned to the case are listed in the NEF. image349
The docket text of the entry is also displayed. image351
NEF recipients are listed below this line. image354
Parties who are not registered users of CM/ECF who require service by another means are listed below this line. image356
Each document attached to the entry receives an electronic document stamp verifying that it received by the CM/ECF system. image358


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