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Corporate Disclosure Statement

Click on Civil in the blue toolbar to view the civil events menu. image292
Click on Other Documents, located in the Other Filings menu. image294
The filter field can be used to narrow your selections. Begin typing the first few letters and CM/ECF will narrow the selections to include only those that match your entry. image296
Clicking on the Corporate Disclosure Statement event will move it to the Selected Events box.  Click Next to continue.  image298
NOTE: CM/ECF allows multiple events to be selected on this screen. Make sure that only the event you intended to select appears in the selected events window prior to clicking the Next button.
The civil case number screen will appear. image300
Enter the case number in which the document should be filed and click Find This Case. image302
NOTE: The case number may be entered in any of the formats indicated in the civil case number screen. The easiest way to locate a case is to enter the year it was filed and the 5 digit case number. CM/ECF will automatically populate the division code and case type within the search results.
After your case is located click Next to continue. image304

Selecting a Filer:

Choose a filer from the Select the Filer screen which lists all parties entered in the case. Click on the filing party to highlight it and click Next to continue. image306
NOTE: If you notice that a party is missing or you are unable to locate the filer you represent, you may click New Filer to add a new participant to this list. Refer to the Adding Parties section of the User Manual for instructions on adding a new participant.
The next screen creates an association between the attorney and the parties selected as filers on the previous screen. The screen only appears the first time an attorney files on behalf of a party. If you had previously added yourself as an attorney for the filing party, this screen will not appear. Check the individual boxes as appropriate and then click Next to continue. image308

Uploading Documents:

The next screen is the document attachment screen. image310
REMINDER: Pursuant to LR 5-2(b), all pleadings and documents, including attachments and exhibits, must be filed as text searchable PDF files unless otherwise directed by the Court.
The main document should be the corporate disclosure statement. Click on the Choose File button to locate the corporate disclosure statement for attachment. image170
A new window will open. Locate the corporate disclosure statement in the location where it has been saved. image313
Prior to attachment, it is recommended that the PDF be reviewed to ensure it is accurate and is the correct attachment. This can be done by right clicking on the PDF and selecting the Open option. The PDF will open on your screen for review. After confirming the PDF is correct, click the X in the upper right corner of the PDF to close it. image315
Make sure the correct document is highlighted and then click the Open button in CM/ECF to continue with document attachment. image317
When all documents have been added, click Next to continue. image319

Adding the Corporate Parent or Affiliate:

The next screen is the corporate parent search box. image321
Type the name of a corporate entity into the Last/Business Name field. You must type a minimum of three letters to begin your search. To avoid the addition of duplicate party records, searches should be conducted for partial names. Click the Search button. image323
Scroll through the search results to find the party you wish to add. Click on the name to highlight the party and click the Select name from list button. image325
NOTE: If the name of your party does not appear in the search results, you may click the Create new corporate parent or other affiliate buttonto add a new name. DO NOT create a new party if any name in the list matches the name of the party for which you are searching.
You must select a corporate parent type from one of two selections: (1) Corporate Parent and (2) Other Affiliate. Corporate Parent is the most common selection. image327
After selecting the correct corporate parent type, click the Add Corporate Parent button. image329
A confirmation screen will appear. Click the corporate parent to highlight it and then click Next to continue. image331
The corporate parent search box appears along with a list of previously added corporate parents. If additional corporate parents should be added, repeat the steps above until all corporate parents have been added. Once all corporate parents have been added and appear in the list, click End corporate parent or other affiliate selection to continue. image333


Final Steps:

The final warning screen will appear. image335
This is the last chance to insert further text into the display field or to make a selection from the drop-down menu. image337
After any further text has been entered or if there is no additional text to enter, click the Next button. image339
This is the final warning screen which displays the full docket text of the event. Click Next to file the documents. There will be no further opportunity to modify this docket entry and it will immediately post to the CM/ECF system. image341
A Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) will be generated by the CM/ECF system for the docket entry. image343


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