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Jury Service FAQs

Questions frequently asked by jurors.

  • Can I ask to be excused? +

    Persons who can show "undue hardship or extreme inconvenience" can request an excuse.  All requests must be in writing.

  • Can I bring a cell phone, pager or laptop computer into the Courthouse? +

    Cell phones, pagers and laptop computers are allowed in the Courthouse and may be used in the Jury Assembly Room. Once you are called into the courtroom, they must be turned off. For more information, see the Court's Wireless Device Policy.
  • Can I bring craft supplies like knitting needles? +

    On your initial visit to the courthouse, our security staff will not allow you to bring anything into the building that could be used as a weapon. Generally speaking, that includes objects like knitting needles, embroidery scissors, crochet hooks, and other objects that you might consider part of your survival kit for a long day of sitting, waiting and listening. These objects are merely examples. Security staff operate with an intentionally loose definition of forbidden items to allow for judgment of the context, the item itself, and the risk of harm to the building and its inhabitants. It may result that a seemingly innocuous item will be turned away.

    Handcrafters can take heart, however; some of the judges in the District allow jurors to bring their supplies with them. If you are assigned to a case, you may ask the judge about his or her stance on knitting needles or other handcrafts. If the judge allows you to bring craft supplies, you may bring them with you on all subsequent days of the trial. Please be respectful of any restrictions the judge places on the use of such supplies in the courtroom.

  • Can I defer my jury duty service? +

    If you are unable to fulfill your jury service during the scheduled time, please immediately contact your Jury Administration Office. The Court will attempt to accommodate your deferral request.

  • Do I have to serve? +

    Jury service is an obligation and a privilege.  Your fellow citizens need your assistance.  Most individuals who have actually served on a jury agree that it is a very informative and rewarding experience.

  • How can my family reach me in case of an emergency? +

    Your family may call the Jury Office and staff will then give you the message.

  • How long are jury trials? +

    Typically, jury trials are completed within a week.

  • How much will I be paid? +

    Federal jurors are paid $50 a day. While the majority of jury trials last less than a week, jurors can receive up to $60 a day after serving 10 days on a trial. Jurors serving on a grand jury can receive up to $60 a day after serving 45 days on a grand jury.

    The District will also reimburse reasonable travel expenses for jurors who must travel more than 75 miles each way in order to serve. Parking is reimbursed at a flat rate of $15.00 per day in Portland and $9.00 per day in Eugene. Parking in Medford and Pendleton is not reimbursed because free parking is available. Contact the Jury Department at 503-326-8100 for details regarding reimbursement of expenses.

  • How was I selected? +

    This Court uses a two-step process to select jurors. First, a master jury wheel is created by selecting names at random from the voter registration list. Then names are randomly drawn from the master jury wheel to receive juror qualification questionnaires. Individuals' answers to these questionnaires determine whether they are legally qualified to serve. The names of qualified persons are then put into a second wheel, the qualified jury wheel. As prospective jurors are needed for a specific trial or grand jury, juror summonses are sent to persons randomly selected from the qualified jury wheel. All of these selections are carried out through a properly programmed electronic data processing system for pure randomized selection. The pure randomized process ensures that the mathematical odds of any single name being selected are substantially equal.

  • If I am selected, what are the hours I would be expected to spend at the Courthouse? +

    Trials are usually held between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM.

  • Is parking available? +

    Generally speaking, there is street parking available near each of our courthouses. Eugene and Portland both have paid parking lots nearby.

  • Is there a dress code? +

    Although we have no prescribed dress code, we ask that jurors not wear t-shirts, tank-tops, halter tops or shorts while on jury duty.

  • What is eJuror? +

    The eJuror system allows you to respond to a juror qualification questionaire or jury summons online. You may use eJuror to fill out your questionnaire or juror information card, request a deferral, check the status of a scheduled jury session, and update information previously provided. The participant ID number listed on your paperwork from the Court is necessary to log in to eJuror.

    More information about the Court's eJuror system is available on our eJuror Access page.

  • What kind of cases are heard in federal court? +

    Federal court jurisdiction is limited to certain kinds of cases listed in the Constitution. For the most part, federal courts only hear cases in which the United States is a party, cases involving violations of the Constitution or federal law, crimes on federal land, and bankruptcy cases. Federal courts also hear cases based on state laws that involve parties from different states.

  • Where can I log in to eJuror? +

    More information about the Court's eJuror system is available on our eJuror Access page. Please note: Safari is not supported by eJuror. If you are a Mac user who normally uses Safari for web browsing, you will need to use Firefox to access eJuror.

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