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It is possible to edit PDF/A documents, either by ignoring PDF/A information or by removing PDF/A information.

Disabling PDF/A Viewing Mode

A PDF/A document may be manipulated after turning off PDF/A viewing mode.  To turn off PDF/A viewing mode:




Click Edit and select Preferences.


In the Preferences dialog box, click on the View documents in PDF/A Mode dropdown and select Never.


Click OK.

Opening a document after PDF/A viewing mode is disabled allows normal manipulation, even if it is PDF/A document.  After making changes, the document can be saved and will remain in PDF/A mode.  Note:  Changes that are not compatible with the PDF/A standard will not carry over. For this reason, it is not recommended to permanently disable PDF/A viewing mode.  It is possible to become confused about on which type of document you are working and attempt to place features in the PDF that will not work when the document is later opened in in PDF/A viewing mode (i.e., forms or hyperlinks).

Removing PDF/A Information

One way to edit a PDF/A document is to remove its PDF/A status. To remove the PDF/A information using Adobe Acrobat’s Preflight module:




Select Preflight from the Advanced menu.


Under the Profiles tab, click on PDF/A Compliance.


Select Remove PDF/A information.


Click Analyze and fix.


Close and reopen the file

After editing is complete, the document can be converted back to PDF/A in Acrobat using one of the methods already described.


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